Map of Life (MOL) spatial tool

The Map of Life architecture is built for scalability and performance using Google App Engine, Google Earth Engine, Google Maps Engine, and CARTO cloud platforms. The tools for analysis created have been customized for Kenya biodiversity web portal. They enable portal users to pull Kenya’s biodiversity data from a variety of databases like IUCN, GBIF , MOL and WWF; hence users can access more biodiversity data at a global level, and for the counties of interest beyond what has been mobilized by project partners. Portal users can download species lists for all Kenyan counties, explore species description, range maps, images and point locations.

Geonode instance

The geonode instance tool built on OGC platform, enables visualization, analysis and downloads of biodiversity, and other spatial datasets relevant to support biodiversity conservation efforts. The geonode instance hosts numerous datasets including Kenya’s Natural Capital _ Biodiversity Atlas datasets, allowing online/offline GIS usage for datasets that are set to downloadable. Using this interface, counties can directly overlay environmental and other spatial datasets, create maps, and conduct analysis.

Time series analysis tool in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

This time series tool based on NDVI is designed to understand the status of vegetation using remotely sensed data applied to a time series prediction model that incorporates a seasonality component. It represents the quantity and activity level of vegetation and is a standardized way of measuring healthy vegetation. High NDVI values indicate healthier vegetation and low values indicate less or no vegetation. The tool uses forecasting models to make predictions to future points of upto 18 months ahead.

Spatial time series tool

This spatial time series tool interactive tool is designed to display spatial aggregation of density distribution for species e.g zebras, wildebeest, grants gazelle, elephant, cattle, giraffe, sheep, goats and agricultural expansion in Kajiado County. The tool allows users to switch from animal and agricultural display and can therefore see the possible reasons for species spatial compression.