How to upload data for Guest Account

To add/upload data to Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya you have to first login in to Wagtail dashboard. There are two types of accounts supported:

  1. County Administrator (Accessible to Guest User and logged out users)

  2. Guest account

Logging in

The Guest account will allow any users limited access to Wagtail( Content Management System backend ). To login, click on the login link from the Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal navigation menu shown in the image below:


This will take you to Wagtail login page where guest users should enter the following credentials to log into the guest account:

Username: guest_account

Password: guest_pass


Accessing Wagtail Dashboard from Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal

Once logged in, from the Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal, the wagtail dashboard can be accessed from the navigation menu by using the link to the right shown in the image below:

Guest logged in link

Wagtail Dashboard

Guest Wagtail Dashboard

Once logged in you will be taken to the wagtail Dashboard. The Dashboard provides information on:

  1. The number of pages( county reports) which is also a link to where you can add, edit, view other images submitted or saved by other Guests.

  2. The number of images currently saved in the wagtail dashboard by Guest Users.

  3. The number of documents added by Guests..

  4. Link to landing page of Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal.

  5. The Wagtail logo which when clicked will return the user to the landing page of wagtail dashboard portal, shown above.

  6. Explorer menu will show you a tree-structure of the site that can be used to submit new county reports.

  7. Images menu takes you to page for managing images stored in wagtail dashboard.

  8. Documents menu takes you to page for managing documents stored.

Uploading Data

As a Guest User, any data/report uploaded will be submitted for moderation by the respective County Administrators. This means only the County Administrator will be the only ones with the rights to publish reports to the Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal.

To upload data, go to the Explorer menu (6) as shown above and click it. This will open submenus of the various county homepages as shown below:

Guest Explorer Menu

Click on the arrow to the right on the county homepage, shown above you want the County Administrator of to look at and you will see another menu, shown below, for example clicking on the “Kwale Homepage” arrow to the right will take you to Reports Index for that county. Click on it to start adding new reports for that county.

Guest Reports Link

The county Report Index, shown below will give the Guest User the ability to submit new reports for moderation by the County Administrator. To submit new reports click on the ADD CHILD PAGE (Shown by the arrow below) at the top of the screen as shown below:

Guest Reports Page

This will take you to the report page that will allow you to submit new reports, shown below:

Guest Editing Reports

The page contains the following items:

  1. Title: Title of the report.

  2. Body Report: Actual content of the report will be written here. Clicking on it will give the user a text editor that they can utilize.

  3. Related Links: Clicking on the plus sign to the right will open a small panel to the bottom of the Related Links option, shown by the image below.

  4. Submit for moderation: Saves your current changes and submits the page for moderation. A moderator(County Administrator) will be notified by email or when they login and they will then either publish or reject the page.

  5. Save Draft: Saves your current changes but doesn’t submit the page for moderation and so can’t be published to the Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya Portal. Users can resume to edit without worrying it will be seen in the Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya Portal.

  6. Preview: Feature currently disabled.

NOTE: Ensure to always Submit for moderation before closing when finished for it to be submitted to the county Administrator.

Related Links panel

The related links panels is used to add one or more URL links that point to external pages at the bottom of the reports in the Report page of Biodiversity Atlas of Kenya portal.

Guest Related Links Panel

The panel contains the following items:

  1. Title: Title of the url that will be show at the bottom of the report.

  2. External Link: Actual url for the external site the user wants to redirect to.

  3. Add Related Links: Adds a new Related Links panel at the bottom of the current panel like the one shown above.

  4. Move up/down: Moves the panel either up or down in the group, this determines the order multiple items will appear in on the report ( Shown by an up arrow, down arrow or both, depending on how many items and what position the item is at)

  5. Delete: Deletes the specific Related Link panel.